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Stuck in

survival mode?

  • Are you struggling with your health, happiness and wellbeing?
  • Feeling unbalanced and unfulfilled? 
  • Mind chatter, sleeplessness or stress got you down?

You can’t shine your light brightly in the world if you’re sick, unhealthy or burnt out. 

You deserve more than survival. You deserve to thrive.

Let Your Light


You matter. Your health matters. Your happiness and fulfillment matter. 

Change is possible. Small changes can generate big results and help you create a thriving and deliberate life. You can shift simply, with Michelle.

Learn practical strategies to help you find joy in life and love the journey to wellness.

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I care about your health and your happiness. I know how difficult it can be to feel stuck in unhealthy patterns or like life is spinning out of control.  I know how difficult it can be to be on the treadmill of life, constantly striving but never arriving at a place of happiness and contentment. I know how difficult it can be to figure the next step. 

That’s where I come in. I’m dedicated to supporting my clients and community with small, attainable changes that get big results. Using my authentic and heartfelt approach, I love supporting my clients and helping them navigate life’s difficulties, improve their health and wellbeing and find joy in their lives. 

After experiencing my own health issues, I dedicated myself to discovering effective strategies to help shift to a meaningful and fulfilling life. I experienced my own stress related health challenges and realized I needed to reevaluate my life. I learned how to take responsibility for my own health and I started my journey of personal development, health and wellbeing. I had to unlearn my overworking, over-striving, and over-doing.

I discovered how to find balance and I shifted my own perspective from being an unhealthy work-life balance to valuing my own wellness, connection and life force. I learned how to set my own boundaries and decided to take full responsibility for my own well being.  I started to value my own wellbeing and health.

I realized I wanted to be active and healthy and around to play with my grandkids. By implementing small changes, I was able to dramatically improve my health and happiness and I’m dedicated to supporting others to do the same. 

Now I help my clients discover the simple shifts that can transform their lives. You matter. Your health matters. And you can shift simply. You were meant for more than survival. You were meant to thrive. With the right tools, support and direction, you can create significant change in your life.  I’m here to make that possible. 

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Shine Bright

How Can I help?

Shift Simply Coaching

Shift Simply Coaching

Individual coaching to help you shift your health and wellbeing. Small changes that get big results. Find support through difficult transitions and discover joy in your life.

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Rise and Shine

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Ketone Supplements

Ketone Supplements

Improve your focus, energy, sleep and stamina with ketone supplements from Pruvit. Read more about their impact on my life.

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It’s Simple to Shift

1.Book a Free
Discovery Call

Your happiness is a priority. So set up a call to speak with Michelle and discover more about working together.

2.Customized Plan
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Working with Michelle, learn how to shift simply, with small changes that get big results.

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3. Find Joy
Along the Journey

Experience joy and shine your light brightly. Learn to love the journey to becoming your best self.



I have now surpassed my goal weight by 10 lbs. Better yet almost 2 years later I’ve been able to maintain my weight and have maintained my improved sleep patterns.
I like drinking ketones because they have boosted my energy levels. They have made me feel more motivated throughout the day and I feel like I can accomplish so much more. My mood and mindset has also felt so much better. Drinking my ketone is the best way to start my day!
Haley B
Haley B


to Shift?

Don’t waste another day struggling on your own. Contact Michelle today and discover the small changes that will help you thrive. Improve your health and wellbeing and get support through life’s challenges and transitions. Invest in creating a life of joy.

You deserve more than just survival. You deserve to thrive. And Michelle can help you fast-track that journey and shift simply.

Book a free discovery call today and invest in creating a life of joy.

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Shift Simply with Michelle. Small Changes, Big Results. 

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Shift Simply


Improve Your Wellbeing

Improve You Wellbeing

Transform Your Mindset

Transform Your Mindset

Become the BEST You

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